What’s On My Fashion Wish List

In my attempts to get less woo-ed by trends and flashy things, before season, I truly ruminate on what will be impactful for my closet in the next season. With clothes, I feel like I have to be more methodical about what I’m buying, and with purses, I have to be SO careful. I have so many bags and cannot add to my purse mountain.

Here is my current list.

PS- there is a bit of dreamy fun added to the items I curated, I’d like to imagine a world where Hermes espadrilles are a practical purchase πŸ˜‰

A raffia bag

ROW 1: Amazon / Sak’s Off Fifth / The Real Real

ROW 2: Mango / Net-a-Porter / Target

Almost every summer for the past five years, I’ve told myself that I need a raffia bag. And I still have not purchased one! I love the contrast of leather on a raffia basket, there’s just something so earthy and effortless about it. And now ask myself, “Is the Chrissey that carries a raffia bag a cooler one than the current Chrissey?”

The One I’m Going to Probably Buy: Mango, I almost just bought it but I told myself that I have to discuss all purse purchases with my husband. It’s probably saved me thousands of dollars.

Shout Out To: Target, because for $45 it’s giving Loewe but for millennial suburban moms

A pair of trendy but comfortable sneakers

ROW 1: Farm Rio / Shop Bop / Saks Fifth Ave

ROW 2: Zappo’s / Madewell / Cettire

I recently discovered athleisure, and am working on developing my athleisure style. I would say it’s a tennis-yoga fusion at this point, as style is always an evolution. This experience has made me realize that I would benefit from a pair of trendy but comfortable sneakers. It’s been interesting, and I’ve gotten recommendations from a bunch of friends. What is important to me is foot support, style, and HEIGHT.

I am a 5’5 woman married to a 6’3 giant who towers over me! I need every inch!

The One I’m Going to Probably Buy: TBH, I will probably wait and think a bit more before I commit to a new pair of sneakers.

Shout Out To: Farm Rio, those sneakers would match with so many outfits.

A tennis skirt

ROW 1: Alo Yoga / Wilson / Lululemon

ROW 2: Spanx / Target / Target

I have been leaning into athleisure more and the one thing I feel like I need more of are tennis skirts. They’re fun, effortless, and easy to style, whether you’re going to a tennis club, or just running errands on the weekend.

The One I’m Going to Probably Buy: Target, I’m not at the stage of my tennis career where I can pay more than $30 for a tennis skirt πŸ˜‰

Shout Out To: Alo Yoga, those pleats look like perfection! Maximum swoosh and fashion impact.

A silk scarf

ROW 1: Mango / Kule / Reformation

ROW 2: Saks Fifth Ave / Banana Republic / Rifle Paper Co

The One I’m Going to Probably Buy: To be honest, I have a few scarves that I should be using…but this shouldn’t stop you from brightening up your wardrobe. That Loewe scarf is calling to me…

Shout Out To: Rifle Paper Co, for a silk scarf that is the manifestation of travel dreams and less than $35.

A pair of espadrilles

ROW 1: Tuckernuck / DSW / Hermes

ROW 2: The Outnet / Ralph Lauren / Amazon

Espadrilles scream summer. I imagine that in my espadrilles, I’m biking through France to grab a croissant, when in reality I’ll probably be wearing them when I trek to Dupont Circle after work to get a haircut. Even though I am not breezy, maybe wearing espadrilles will make me feel like I’m not perpetually anxious and stressed.

The One I’m Going to Probably Buy: If you’re my husband, I want the Tuckernuck pair. I am a huge fan of mules, which are the comfiest shoe style in existence.

Shout Out To: Toms, Gen Z is teaching us that what is old is new again, so it’ll only be a matter of time before Toms are back in style!

That’s my fashion wishlist for the upcoming season(s). And now, there is a Mango bag I must send to my husband….



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